How it Works
Wolfe’s Auto Auctions will post vehicles for sale from each of their locations using up to 10 digital images and detailed condition reports. The vehicles are then immediately available for Preliminary Bidding on VB2's website and buyers from around the country can preview and bid on the vehicle. Buyers may visit Wolfe’s Auto Auctions facilities, inspect the vehicle and enter Preliminary Bids at kiosks located in the lobby of each facility. To improve the effectiveness of the bidding, the VB2 system lets buyers see the current high bid on the vehicle. Preliminary Bidding is an open, competitive auction format. Buyers enter the maximum price they are willing to pay for a vehicle and VB2's Bid4U (Bid for You) feature will incrementally bid the vehicle on their behalf. If a buyer is outbid, they receive an email notification and have an opportunity to re-bid the vehicle. The Preliminary Bidding process is typically conducted over a three-day period that ends one hour prior to the start of the internet-only Virtual Auction.
During the Virtual Auction, VB2's powerful web server is the auctioneer! Buyers join the auction by logging onto VB2's website and simply click a button to bring up an auction window. When the auction starts, digital images of the vehicle are displayed along with the Current High Bid from the Preliminary Bidding process. Any virtual buyer can now increase the bid on the vehicle with a simple mouse click. Bid4U will represent the high Preliminary Bidder during the Virtual Auction. When bidding on the vehicle finally stops, a countdown is initiated. If nobody bids during the countdown, the vehicle sells to the highest bidder. The process is fast, easy and user-friendly. 

Buyers have responded to VB2 in an extremely positive manner. Buyers appreciate the ease and flexibility built into the system. Buyers can better manage their time and therefore their businesses when they do not have to stand around an auction for 4-6 hours a day. With VB2, they can bid on vehicles when it is convenient for them.

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